Anthony Billoni, Owner


In 30 years of working with artists, creatives and managers I have found great success working with the Outlier, the Free Thinker, the Misfit, the Radical. In these times more firms are consciously hiring a diverse team.  Sounds great, in theory, yet the workplace fit is not always terrific.  I have coached these high value team-members and rather than making the square peg fit the round hole my clients find that pegs and holes can find a successful fit no matter their shape! My clients get better faster.


As an expert in Creativity I lead organizations to tackle their most thorny challenges by generating lots and lots of positive ideas, strong solutions and action plans. 

Over the past 30 years, I have done the same for dozens of executives in all fields. Tobacco-Free Western New York at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, University at Buffalo School of Management, M&T Bank, Creative Education Foundation, Burchfield-Penney Art Center, The Park School of Buffalo, Assembly House 150, and Young Audiences of WNY. 

i share life outside Buffalo, New York with partner, Katie, two teenage children and a black cat named Nyx.  I am an avid cyclist who has ridden 500 miles across New York State in 7 days to raise funds for cancer research.

What people are saying...


Gary Thomas

Marketing Service Manager/Casino Marketing


Anthony is a fantastic coach whose lessons are lifelong. As someone who was a bit skeptical upfront, I didn't appreciate the fruits of the labor until much later in the process. I would liken Anthony's approach to an experienced chef who is adding and reducing ingredients to a dish before it is served to critics. Along those lines, most people don't get to see all the work behind a finished product. Anthony is particularly skilled at organizing and goal setting the work that goes into becoming a better version of yourself, a better leader. Albeit it was a tedious process (for those of us who lack a special patience), Anthony was able to sort muddled thoughts into a focused goal that has allowed me to become a formidable version of my previous self. He comes highly recommended to those who are willing to put in the work behind the scenes.


Abby Spindleman

Intimacy Teacher



Tony's ability to hold space and ask the perfect question in order to help create a new perspective is powerful. After an amazing and challenging first year of business, I met with Tony and he offered an incredible reframe - to what's important, what's critical, and what to let go of. His support was emotional, practical, and deeply motivating. Anyone looking to up their game in business and leadership, in a meaningful way, will absolutely benefit from working with Tony!


Anthony Beckman

Associate Director, Agreement Negotiation



'Powerfully impactful' is the way I would describe the time I've spent working with Tony. We have been engaged in a coaching relationship for 6+ months and I have experienced significant positive changes. These changes are moving me to be a more effective leader and individual (at work and in my personal life). Tony coaches through a balance of evidence-based assessments, creative exploration of problems (leading to self-awareness), guided lessons, and effective (and well timed) candor (that has spurred me to action). He brings humor and levity to our conversations always leaving me with nuggets of wisdom to chew on. I've grown in confidence, focus, and self-awareness with his guidance and encouragement. I unhesitatingly recommend Tony as a leadership coach for anyone looking to grow and more fully realize their own potential.